Micro Apps For Human Resources

We build productivity tools for the Human Resource industry, Block by Block!

Our Products

  • Anintra is our flagship system built by our parent company Aneolab, with dedicated features for Employee Management. It is a module-based solution, meaning separate features can be added to create tailored tools that targets specific areas required by organizations. 

You can choose specific list of features that meets your need.

Learnflo developed by Learnflo Inc is a robust learning platform built by Learning professionals. The platform provides access to both facilitators & learners for the delivery and access to learning content respectively.

Functionalities include:

  1. Program & course manager
  2. Quiz & assessments
  3. Student manager
  4. Learning evaluation tracker & analytics
  5. Discussion forum for learning delegates


Developed By Aneolab

Birthdays are one of life’s epiphany moments where employees reflect on their choices relating to their personal lives and career. Giving an employee special attention on their birthday makes them feel valued, recognized and improves employee engagement.

Our Birthday bot automates the process of sending birthday messages to your employees via email

Functionalities include:

  1. Preloaded birthday templates
  2. Message editor, so you can customize the message to be sent
  3. Email authentication
  4. Bulk upload of employees birth dates


Developed By Aneolab

Recognize staff for exceptional achievement through e-cards. Our recognition messenger comes with pre loaded templates to recognize employees who have gone above the call of duty to provide value to internal / external customers 

Functionalities include:

  1. Preloaded recognition templates
  2. Message editor, so you can customize the message to be sent
  3. Email authentication

TALENT MATCH Developed By Aneolab

Automatically match the right set of CVs to vacant positions.

Our resume matching algorithm ensures you do not spend time manually sorting through an endless pile of CVs; we do the heavy lifting and provide you with the best match in relation to the job description.

Functionalities include:

  1. Job description and CV upload functionality
  2. Comparison status report to show the degree of relationship between the CVs & job description


This one was built specifically for the automation of lunch benefits. We digitize the process of allocating meal vouchers to employees.

You can track how employees are utilizing the lunch  benefit and which vendor is providing the best value to employees. It also helps in payment reconciliation to vendors

Functionalities include:

  1. Allocation of electronic lunch vouchers
  2. Vendor management
  3. Feedback integration per vendor
  4. Payment reconciliation to vendors etc.


The onboarding process and management of employee queries relating to HMO issues can be a daunting tasks experienced by HR practitioners. Our Health benefit manager helps you track the onboarding of employees onto the HMO and the  utilization rate.

The feedback mechanism process enables the HR department determine the most frequent complaints from employees thereby enabling the business make informed decisions

Functionalities include:

  • Track enrollment of employees onto HMO
  • Query resolution & feedback collation
  • Communication of updated benefits to enrollees
  • Reporting and analytics etc

REMOTE WORK TRACKER Developed By Aneolab

This app tracks the productive hours of employees who work remotely inclusive of location targeting features.

Employees have the option to enter their daily tasks achieved including commitments for the next work day, this way managers are able to track and measure productivity of employees in the absence of face-time


Employees who participate in a structured onboarding program are more likely to stay with an organization for a longer duration. It takes 6 -12 months for new hires to be as proficient as their tenured colleagues, making the onboarding process a key priority in the employee lifecycle.

Our onboarding tracker enables you engage new hires pre-resumption up till 180 days of their duration in the business without missing the pre-defined steps in the onboarding checklist.

Functionalities include:

  • Automated messages to new hires pre & post -resumption
  • Updating of onboarding checklist
  • Automated reminders for upcoming programs defined on the checklist
  • Track completion status for each employee & feedback collation etc

Technology adoption in HR is a slow process with multiple roadblocks on the way, small scale organizations hardly allocate budgets for such purpose, while bigger ones are stuck in a vicious cycle of multiple approvals. Introducing new technology in a large organization with long hierarchical cycles can take an excruciatingly long time to get approved, and in most cases get sidelined due to other priorities.

We provide off–the-shelf Micro Apps for the purpose of automating key process within the HR space thereby reducing the pressure on available budget and limiting the need for complex approvals.

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Digital innovation is necessary in every business, but implementing a change in technology requires a scientifically thought-out plan. It’s like the analogy of a beautiful fast car - It smells nice and drives fast, but everyone forgets that the car is just a set of wheels and some aluminum carbon fiber surrounded by electronics and an engine. The thing that actually makes it win is the person driving it.

We support organizations beyond identifying the right technology but also pay attention to the people driving and participating in the change. After all the organization is going to be only as good as its talent 

Digital transformation requires having the in-house skills to fully leverage on emerging technologies.

Through our affiliation with the local Tech community, organizations can leverage on our access to Tech Talent for hire on full-time basis or utilize their services on project based agreements.

About Us

We are a team of HR professionals based in Lagos, Nigeria and passionate about the adoption of Technology in HR.

Our vision is to be the primary destination for HR technology solutions in Nigeria

We believe the Human Resources function should play a lead role in the digital transformation process within organizations and it is on this premise that HR Tech NG is built – to ensure we live the talk by innovating from inside-out.

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Our extensible APIs provides you with flexibility to implement new HR solutions across the organization with minimal downtime at the fraction of a budget.
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Technology adoption in HR is a slow process with multiple roadblocks on the way, we will help you through the process.
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Digital innovation is necessary in every business, we can help you implement that much needed digital transformation plan.
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Digital transformation requires having the in-house skills to fully leverage on emerging technologies.